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Raw Edges

This morning I read a post by Fred Herron ( and felt a lovely confirmation of how important it is to allow our negative emotions to find their way to healthy expression. Fred mentions how we find a pattern of the lamenting process in many psalms in Scripture (invocation, complaint, request, hope, and praise). Right now I'm somewhere in between complaint and hope. Fred also says, "At times these psalms are messy and raw and vicious". Messy and raw is exactly where I find my current expressions. Non-uniform shapes, torn raw edges and messiness aren't my usual technique. I prefer planning and a long process of precision. But these aren't days for precision and rules. It is time for the unfinished edges to be an acceptable expression. It is time for the messiness to give way to beauty. I encourage you to read Fred's blog if you find yourself needing to process negative emotions in a constructive healthy way.

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